Revitalisation of Podzamcze in Lublin

  • 2011
  • Competition, Urbanism, UrbiS
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  • Author: admin

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Revitalisation of Podzamcze in Lublin is a competition project for an inner city renewal scheme. The aim was to reconnect the areas that were separated by the new road layout. We envisaged to build an inner plaza and cover the existing road with development to provide a smooth transition and natural walkable environment for the inner city. The historical multi-cultural and multi-ethnical environment would be represented in the park and open space area, where all cultures would find their place.

Co-authors: Agnieszka Nowicka, Agata Kowalik, Joanna Danilewicz, Ilona Hałas, Tomasz Mackun, Olga Królak, Agnieszka Kowalewska