Paperless Crits

  • 2012
  • Architecture, Design, University, Urbanism
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Paperless Crits was my initiative put forward when I was tutoring urban design studios at Gdansk University of Technology, Poland. In other studios the students were required to bring printouts of their proposals every week and the tutor would do the crits by sketching on the prints. Plotting them was expensive for students and time consuming…

I have introduced a simple hack using a beamer that we had in class. We simply projected the scheme on a paper wall and could draw over it. No prints, no cost, only a sheet of reused paper (remembering to use both sides!). Students could work on the project all the time until their crit. And were very happy not only with saving a lot of money, but also an interactive experience.

Leading Urban Design Studio and proposing an alternative way of crits – saving money and resources