Centre Plans Qatar

  • 2018
  • Design, Urbanism
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This project consisted of 16 Centre Plans for Town and District Centres in Qatar.

The strategies and principles for the Centres are directed from the development strategies set by the QNDF. The Centres ensure the implementation of Transport Oriented Transit (TOD) concept, mix-use principle and promote thriving, viable, vibrant, sustainable Centres that support the desired lifestyle by the communities. The principal determinant adopted by the Centres in order to achieve all of the objectives is to apply higher density developments and mixed uses around transit points and within the designated Centres’ boundaries

This is one of the first comprehensive zoning spatial plans in Qatar after its rapid development.

Announcement about the release of Municipal Spatial Development Plans (MSDP), including the centres is available here.

Leading the team at Ministry of Municipality and Environment, responsible for delivery of all 16 centres and the regulations concept