Elbląg Retail Analysis

  • 2012
  • Research, Urbanism, UrbiS
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  • Author: admin

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This project consisted of analysis of retail structure in Elbląg, Poland. The main task was to evaluate the suitability of 8 different locations for large format retail – shopping centres.

The analysis consisted of a thorough assessment of the existing retail, both traditional small shops and existing malls. We used specialised mobile application SurSer for this task to gather data about 2,400 services and stores. An inventory of shopping malls was also made. Based on the data and indicators an estimate for the gap in commercial areas was identified. The result was a recommendation for specific locations including their branding and choice of most suitable shopping centre typologies and guidance to develop the traditional high street retail.

Full report is available here.

Role: leading the research team.

Team: Agata Kowalik, Katarzyna Wołoszyn, Paweł Obelnicki