Shopping Centres in Starogard Gdański

  • 2010
  • Design, Urbanism
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This is 7.3 ha master plan project for zoning regulations in Starogard Gdański, Poland. Two investors were interested to develop shopping centres in the central area of the city. Our work included mediation between the city and developers, as well as aimed to provide equal development opportunities to both of the proposed centres. We have managed to secure inclusion of quality public spaces, and also allow for a feasible development of the centres.

The local area plan was approved by the city 31 March 2010.

Finally one of the centres – Galeria Neptun – was opened in 2015. It has 25.000 sq. m. retail space and nearly 100 stores.

Project realised by: Przedsiębiorstwo Projektowo-Realizacyjne “DOM” sp. z o.o.

Co-authors: Maria Kiełb-Stańczuk, Barbara Zgórska, Tomasz Mackun