Cycling Infrastructure Concept

  • 2014
  • Architecture, Design, University, Urbanism
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This project was the result of Elective Seminar Class at the Gdańsk University of Technology, Poland that I taught in 2013.

Being frustrated by the lack of proper quality infrastructure for cyclists at the university, together with a group of students, we prepared a comprehensive study and proposal for Cycling Infrastructure at the University. Students have learnt about the basics of designing and dimensioning cycling infrastructure, analysed the current situation (including a thorough survey) and proposed different solutions. There were proposals to develop the main cycling complex, ancillary bike parking areas and also small interventions that could easily solve the most urgent problems. All was put together in a report over the course of the semester.

Not only the students have learnt new skills, but also we have started a social initiative and cycling movement Rowerem na PG (Bike to the Uni), which is active until now. The main success was that we have presented the proposal to the Rector and first small changes were made – like bike repair stations, cutting the entry bars to allow bike access and increase in proper bike stands. The initiative made a difference, took on and now the University is thinking to invest in proper cycling storage and service building.

Proposing the project theme, leading the studio design, advocating for changes at the university.