Wejherowo Aerial Tramway

  • 2014
  • Architecture, Design, Urbanism, UrbiS
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This is a concept of developing aerial tramway for Wejherowo, Poland. The city was looking for the best way to utilise its assets, including palace, city park, calvary (sanctuary) and vast forests with hills. All these area are of historical and natural significance, and are landmarked. This has made this project even more exciting.

We looked at various options of connecting the city’s lower level with the nearby hills. Various options were considered regarding the potential views, points of interest and above all the impact on the protected areas. For the highest point we proposed options for observation tower, with some commercial component.

Based on our work, this concept received initial approvals and there was an architectural competition for the design of the tower and infrastructure.

Team: Hubert Szneider, Katarzyna Hulkkonen, Paulina Rogalska, Kacper Radziszewski, Dagmara Rapińczuk, Marian Wójcik, Tomasz Rokita, Grzegorz Olszyna