Wejherowo Revitalisation

  • 2015
  • Research, Urbanism
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  • Author: admin

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Polish title: Lokalny Program Rewitalizacji Miasta Wejherowo na lata 2015-2022: Analiza wskaźnikowa obszaru miasta, delimitacja obszaru rewitalizacji.

This is a study for Wejherowo, Poland regarding identification of degraded areas to acquire grant for revitalisation project. We were analysing various factors in order to produce a summary recommendation for the area most suitable for intervention. Based on our work the city was granted the funding for the project. Apart from co-authoring the report, I was responsible for data collection, data analysis and GIS representation.

Full document is available here.

Co-authors: Piotr Lorens, Katarzyna Kiełbińska, Dagmara Rapińczuk